Ordo Templi Omnigraphicon:

Omnigraphicon is Dan Lerner. Dan is freelance illustrator living and working in Columbus, Ohio...and occasionally from a tiny studio built in the guts of a D.I.Y. Sprinter Campervan parked on the side of a mountain somewhere in North America. He is originally a native of the forests of greater Appalachia. From the mountains of New York State, down through the hollers of West Virginia, Dan's work is heavily influenced by the beauty and isolation of all points between...mixed with some 70's hard rock, occult symbolism, and a general love of all things scifi/fantasy. 


Appalachian Terror Unit, Creator-Destructor Records, Ghost, Global Merchandising, Gypsyhawk, Gygax, Heartsounds, Mastodon, Skeletonwitch, Slayer, The Dark Market, Unorthodox, Wilderness Dream.


Q. Can I get a tattoo of that one thing?

A. Yes. Go for it. My only request is that you send me a picture of it when it's completed.