Satanas Spes Nostra - AKA “I don’t know what to do with my hands…”.

It sort of bums people out when I tell them I really didn’t have much awareness of the band before I was asked to do this. Sure, I had heard Opus a few times, but quite honestly, that’s about it. The initial conversation went something like…”oh yeah…that Satan Pope guy?…yeah the band with the spooky organs and shit…yeah I dig that…and Satan…so…sure I’ll give it a try!”

I had some of the components here, enough to get it approved at least, and I’ve seen this one out in the wild on people more than anything else I’ve ever done for them…but still…it’s off. That logo is too small. His miter and robes are all wrong. I was still doing that thing with people’s hands. However, there is no denying that this piece sort of set the tone for how I would end up approaching basically everything else I did for them in the future.