Thee Witchfinder General - Genesis

Once you have gone through the process of selling your house and possessions it's time to buy a van that costs as much as a house. You are going to cut holes in it. You are going to drill mean spirited self-tapping screws in to it. You are going to fucking ruin it. The trick is to ruin it better.

I won't go through my process, nor will I provide a how-to. These have been done by better builders than myself and are a few search terms away if that is what you are looking for. I'm a firm believer in eyeballing everything, guessing, sketching, and making shit up as you go along. This is wrong. I hide fuck-ups behind thick coats of dark walnut stain on excessive trim. It works for It is not at all the right way to do things, which is an approach I tend to favor in order to keep things interesting.

Two weeks on the road now and I realize the bastard will never be done. It will constantly change, be added to, be edited out of necessity. I'm very happy about that. Evolution is infinitly more fun than an ending.

I'm a huge fan of barrel bolts. 

I'll post progress pictures here periodically and maybe a full video walkthrough at some point.