Murrell's Inlet, SC

I hadn't seen my mother in about 22 years. We had only been on speaking terms again since last January. I knew I would stop in Murrell's Inlet to see her, before she had even asked me to. The experience was surreal, not only because of the surface nature of the thing conceptually, but because of how easy it was for both of us. We got terribly wrecked on a box of wine, woke with savage hangovers, and parted as friends with a mutual respect for each other that I'm not sure we ever had before. There are certain inexplicable moments in time, when a great portal opens and invites you to step though, and you know what awaits you on the other side is something right a true. I won't get fucking heavy on you with this one, I'm not even sure I could do it justice...but I will in this country is getting cartoonishly weird, so out-fucking-weird the bastard by mending broken bridges you never thought you would cross again...then build new ones...then jam on down the fucking road.